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Enhance your downtown Worcester apartment by using these suggestions for decor.

So you just moved into an amazing apartment at 145 Front. The apartment is beautiful and your furniture fits perfectly. But there’s one thing that needs attention, the walls. Luckily, 145 Front apartments have a lot of big windows, so your job won’t be that hard. But you do have to take those blank white spaces and give them some visual interest. It’s usually the last step before your place really and truly feels like home.

One of the hardest things to do after moving to a new place is to take the blank wall space and fill it. Where should you put posters and should you frame them? Do you have enough pictures to fill a wall? Should frames be the same or eclectically different? It takes a little planning, a little creativity and a little patience, and maybe a lot of help (picture hanging party?) to get from that freshly moved in look to the perfectly planned, instagramable apartment.

The first step is to make sure you have your furniture layout how you want it. After you’ve arranged the floor plan, take stock of the potential wall pieces you have. Start by taking the time to consider if you still like posters, art, etc., so you can start with pieces you love and move on from ones that you’ve outgrown.

Now that you know what you have, take stock of your walls. Big, small, where they are, what might fit here, what might go there. Next, it’s time for a break. Well, kind of. Use your snack time to fuel up and research wall décor on Pinterest, Houzz, or other design inspirations. We’ve gathered four of our favorite apartment-friendly techniques to tame that blank wall.

Feature Piece

Do you have a statement piece, something big and bold that you love? Whether it’s a 5’ x 8’ abstract painting of something that resembles a bowl of blue spaghetti or a more tasteful framed painting, a single large piece is the easiest way to fill a large wall. If you don’t have a big piece, consider art shopping in downtown Worcester. Check out some local shops and galleries for oversized art or three-dimensional wall hangings, foam moose head anyone? If you can, try to get something that is light for its size, because proper mounting must be taken into account.

145 Front lounge area with gallery wallGallery Wall

Maybe you don’t have that one piece to bring the room together, but have a ton of little pieces you’ve gathered over the years. Consider a gallery wall to fill the wall. It can be organized, with all the pieces the same size and frames, or eclectic, mixing and matching different styles of frames, shelves and objects. Pick a theme to organize it by to help you gain perspective on the range of pieces. You can organize it chronologically to tell the story of your life, by color, alphabetically, or any other method that makes you happy.


Do you have a lot of small and fairly light sculptures, tchotchkes, trinkets and baubles? Put up some shelves and display them for all to see. Any store that has a home improvement section will have an array of shelving that will fit the bill. Floating shelving is a good choice because of its clean and modern look, but go with whatever your taste calls for. One thing to pay attention to is the depth of the shelving. You don’t want it to be too shallow that pieces hang off, but also don’t want it to be too deep where it may cause issues with visibility or bumping into it, ouch.

145 Front fitness center with wallpaperRemovable Wallpaper

Until recently, wallpaper was a no-go for a rental apartment. These days they make peel and stick wallpaper that’s easier to take off than to put on, which is good for everyone involved. There is a huge assortment of patterns and designs to choose from (even the starting lineup of your favorite sports team or superheroes) and when you get tired of it, it only takes minutes to take down.

We hope this inspires you to make your Axis apartment exactly how you want it. And if you need some assistance in hanging bigger pieces, or any questions, the 145 Front concierge can help arrange assistance to get the job done. And if you haven’t already secured one of our enviable apartments in Worcester, schedule a tour today!