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Choose the perfect coffee maker for your downtown Worcester apartment.

It can be tough to get going in the morning at the best of times, but it’s a whole lot harder when it’s winter. A hot cup of coffee is precisely the thing to give you the spark to get up and take on the day. But what’s the best way to get that delicious bean juice? At 145 Front apartments in Worcester, you can always go to a nearby coffee shop and get your joe to go, but getting coffee out means you have to leave your warm, cozy apartment before the invigorating, roasted bean elixir hits your lips, well after you really need it.

No, you absolutely must have a device to create your own coffee. There are many of styles of coffee makers that make all different styles of coffee. Let’s just assume we all want the best possible cup of coffee in the morning. Regardless of the style of coffee we want, this starts with whole beans. Whole beans don’t go stale nearly as fast as pre-ground beans and will nearly always taste better, but require a coffee grinder. This raises the issue of convenience versus control.

Do you just want to push a button and get coffee?

There are a number of coffee machines on the market that will grind the beans and brew the coffee for you. If this sounds great to you, there are a couple options, depending on what type of coffee you like.

For the drip coffee drinker there are grind and brew machines that you fill with water and beans, set it and forget it, until the grinder turns on in the morning sounding like an airplane taking off in your kitchen. Breville makes a great option that’s attractive and offers the option to make a single to-go cup or an entire pot.

Similarly for the espresso drinker, there are super-automatic espresso machines that will give you a double shot or latte at the touch of a button. Saeco, Jura and Delonghi all make excellent super-automatic espresso machines.

With these machines, both drip and espresso, the upside is obvious, tasty coffee when you want it with very little prep. The downside to these machines is that they tend to be bulky, require regular maintenance, give you less control to “tune” your coffee and are more expensive than non-automatic options.


Do you like adjusting things to your particular tastes?

A separate grinder/coffee maker combo is probably your best option here. This gives you the ability to tweak the strength and taste of your brew immensely. It also gives you flexibility to grind beans for both drip coffee and espresso, depending on the quality of grinder you choose. A burr grinder is your best option. They grind more consistently and consistency is the key to great coffee.

From here you can go super simple with options like a French press, or AeroPress for an espresso-like cup, if you don’t mind heating your water in a kettle or pot. Or you can go with an electric drip machine.

The best drip coffee makers are created to make a great cup of coffee every time and are certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). This just means that they meet certain standards that make a great cup of coffee. Any SCA certified coffee maker will be your mornings’ best friend.

The complete opposite of convenience, when considering espresso makers, you must be ready for a learning curve and hands-on tinkering. Finding a good machine is just the start. If you love espresso enough to put time and effort, as well as a bit of experimentation, into your morning cup, an espresso machine is your ticket into a new level of coffee geekery. Your best bet here is to go with a 15-bar semi-automatic machine. These machines are fairly compact for an apartment kitchen and can create an excellent cup or espresso. There are a number of companies that make good machines, Gaggia being one of the best for entry-level machines of excellent quality.

We hope this little guide will help you on your way to energizing your mornings with your own custom coffee. And, if you get your new setup and want a new kitchen to put it in, 145 Front, apartments in downtown Worcester, has lovely kitchens that would make a great home your coffee maker. Come by for a visit and see!